4WD Springs / Constant Load

When selecting a 4WD lift kit, you can usually choose different springs to suit additional weight in the vehicle due to accessories such as a Bullbar & Winch and the constant or variable loads in the rear.


Choosing a front spring is a relatively straightforward process to navigate; there are often springs to suit an unloaded vehicle / with bull-bar / with bull-bar and winch.


Choosing a rear spring can be a little more confusing; standard spring options for constant load could be 0-100KG / 300KG / 500KG; it is best to select the spring closest to your constant load, not your peak load.

Suppose you have a big difference in constant and peak load in the rear. In that case, you should still choose the spring closest to your constant load and consider the use of an Airbag kit to give you that extra assistance under peak loads. High spring rates in an underloaded vehicle will reduce tyre grip and can become dangerous, especially in wet conditions.

We use and recommend airbags by Airbagman.

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