Eibach - Unleash Your Vehicle's Potential with World-Class Suspension Solutions

Delve into the world of Eibach, a leading manufacturer of high-performance suspension components with a commitment to quality, innovation, and precision. For over six decades, Eibach has been the preferred choice of automotive enthusiasts and professional racers seeking superior handling, performance, and style. Crafted in Germany and the United States, Eibach products are renowned for their exceptional quality and adherence to the highest production standards.

About Eibach

Eibach is a globally recognized company specializing in the development and production of advanced suspension components, including springs, sway bars, and coilovers. Established in 1951 by Heinrich Eibach, the brand has grown to become a trailblazer in suspension technology, with applications ranging from daily drivers to professional motorsports.

Why Choose Eibach Suspension Components

Eibach stands out in the world of suspension systems for several key reasons:

  1. Innovative Technology: Eibach's suspension components are designed using cutting-edge technology, providing enhanced vehicle handling, responsiveness, and stability. The company's commitment to research and development ensures continuous innovation in the field of suspension systems.

  2. High-Quality Materials: Eibach products are manufactured using premium materials to ensure durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance. High-tensile strength spring steel and advanced manufacturing techniques are employed to produce world-class suspension components.

  3. Precision Engineering: Eibach's suspension components are engineered using state-of-the-art CAD (Computer-Aided Design) technology, ensuring precise fitment and compatibility with a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

  4. Style and Aesthetics: Eibach suspension components not only improve vehicle handling but also enhance its appearance by reducing wheel gap and providing a more aggressive stance.

  5. Rigorous Testing: Each Eibach product undergoes extensive testing to ensure exceptional performance and quality. The company's advanced testing facilities simulate real-world driving conditions to guarantee that every product meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Eibach Product Lineup

Eibach offers a diverse range of suspension components designed to cater to different vehicle types and performance requirements:

  • Eibach Pro-Kit: The Pro-Kit Series is designed for everyday driving and offers a balance of comfort and performance. It provides a moderate drop in ride height for improved handling and a sportier appearance.
  • Eibach Sportline: The Sportline Series is designed for drivers seeking more aggressive handling and performance. It features a lower drop in ride height and stiffer spring rates for enhanced driving dynamics.
  • Eibach Coilovers: Eibach's coilover suspension systems provide drivers with the ability to adjust ride height and damping characteristics for optimal performance and comfort. These systems are ideal for those who want complete control over their suspension setup.
  • Eibach Sway Bars: Eibach's sway bars are designed to reduce body roll and improve handling, providing a more stable and responsive driving experience. They are available for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.


Eibach has long been considered one of the best suspension component manufacturers on the market, delivering exceptional handling, reliability, and style. With a wide range of products designed to cater to various driving needs, Eibach continues to be the preferred choice for drivers and enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the Eibach difference and elevate your driving experience today.