Eibach - Pro Lowering Kit

The Eibach Pro Lowering Kit is a high-quality performance upgrade designed for those seeking a sleek, sporty look and improved handling for their vehicle. Crafted by industry-leading experts, this suspension kit offers the perfect balance of comfort and performance, transforming any car into a true driving machine.


  1. Enhanced Handling The Eibach Pro Lowering Kit significantly improves handling dynamics by lowering the vehicle's center of gravity. This reduction in body roll results in increased stability during cornering and a more responsive, precise steering feel.

  2. Aggressive Stance The kit provides an aggressive, sporty stance that sets your vehicle apart from the rest. The lowered profile not only enhances the appearance of your car but also improves aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing fuel efficiency.

  3. Progressive Spring Rate The Eibach Pro Lowering Kit features progressive spring rates that provide the perfect balance between comfort and performance. The springs are designed to be stiffer during aggressive driving, ensuring optimal handling, while maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride during everyday use.

  4. High-Quality Materials Eibach uses the highest-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure durability and longevity. The springs are made from cold-wound, high-tensile steel, coated with a corrosion-resistant finish to protect against the elements and ensure lasting performance.

  5. Custom Fitment The Eibach Pro Lowering Kit is specifically designed and engineered for each make and model, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. The kit includes all necessary hardware and detailed instructions for a seamless installation process.

  6. Trusted Brand Eibach is a globally renowned brand with a rich history of producing high-performance suspension systems. With their commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust that the Eibach Pro Lowering Kit will deliver the exceptional performance and durability you expect.


The Eibach Pro Lowering Kit is the ultimate performance upgrade for car enthusiasts looking to transform their vehicle's handling and appearance. With its high-quality materials, precise engineering, and trusted brand reputation, this kit offers a seamless integration and long-lasting durability. Experience the difference with the Eibach Pro Lowering Kit and unleash your vehicle's true potential.