KONI Sport

KONI Sport Shocks are the perfect choice for drivers seeking an exhilarating driving experience. These high-performance shocks are designed to provide exceptional road-holding and balance comfort, resulting in a sporty ride. The responsive steering, reduced body-roll, and limited body movements are some of the defining characteristics of KONI Sport Shocks. Additionally, many of these shocks are equipped with externally adjustable knobs, making fine-tuning even more convenient.

The KONI Sport Yellow shocks offer the same level of exceptional road-holding as the classic KONI Sport Red shocks, but are specifically designed for vehicles equipped with lowering springs that are shorter than the original springs.

What sets KONI Sport Yellow shocks apart from the competition is their unique features, including:

  • Externally adjustable design, allowing for easy and quick tuning without disassembling the shocks from the car.
  • Fine-tuning capabilities that enable drivers to personalize the damping forces to suit their driving style and road conditions.