Koni Shock Absorbers - Precision Handling 

Dive into the exciting world of Koni Shock Absorbers! With over 80 years in the game, Koni's known for crafting top quality, innovative shocks that suit all kinds of rides. Born in the Netherlands, their shocks are all about quality. Koni, started by A. de Koning in 1932, is a global champ in shock absorber tech, covering everything from your daily drive to pro motorsports.

Why Koni Shocks Rock

  • Cool Tech: They've got this unique Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) tech that adjusts damping for a super smooth ride.
  • Top Materials: Made with the best stuff, these shocks are built to last.
  • For Every Ride: Got a specific driving style or car type? Koni's got you covered.
  • Make It Yours: Many shocks are adjustable to get your ride just right.
  • Tested Tough: Koni puts their shocks through the wringer to make sure they're strong.

Koni's Awesome Range

  • Koni Special: Great for daily drives, balancing comfort and zippiness.
  • Koni Sport: Amp up your car's handling with this high-performance series.
  • Koni FSD: Smart damping tech for the best of both worlds.
  • Koni Classic: Vintage vibes meet modern tech.
  • Koni RAID: Rough terrain? No problem. These are tough as nails.

Koni's shocks are a favorite for their killer handling and reliability. Check out the range at Hakon Suspension and find the perfect fit for your ride!