Upgrade your off-road adventure with HEAVY TRACK® 4x4 and SUV shock absorbers by KONI. Whether you're facing tough terrain or winding roads, these shock absorbers are designed to provide the ultimate all-terrain solution for maximum road holding and comfort.

Developed with 4WDs and SUVs in mind, the HEAVY TRACK® shock absorbers have been rigorously tested in extreme conditions to ensure the highest levels of safety, stability, and grip on and off-road. With these shocks, you can expect improved driving performance, increased comfort and safety, and better road handling.

KONI HEAVY TRACK® shock absorbers are fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the rebound characteristics to suit your driving conditions. These shocks also feature large reserves of damping power and superior quality materials, including high-temperature-resistant seals, ensuring long-lasting durability.

In summary, KONI HEAVY TRACK® shock absorbers are the ultimate all-terrain solution, providing optimum handling, road holding, and grip no matter the driving conditions. Don't let rough roads bring you down - upgrade to KONI HEAVY TRACK® today.