Whiteline Bush Kits

The Whiteline Chassis Control Bushings utilize engineered "Synthetic Elastomer" technology, providing a superior ride quality compared to traditional rubber bushings at lower speeds while also enhancing chassis control and handling at higher speeds, particularly during cornering, accelerating, and braking.

Through advanced designs, material technologies, and extensive testing, Whiteline ensures that their bushings have minimal effects on ride quality while maximizing handling precision. This makes them suitable for a range of applications, including servicing everyday vehicles, performance and 4x4 vehicles, and restorers and racers.

Whiteline bushings have a unique design and material technology that offers improved articulation, performance, vibration, and noise dampening compared to traditional poly bushings. They are resistant to chemicals, oils, and weathering and offer enhanced handling, steering response, road holding stability, and increased braking capacities.

Moreover, Whiteline bushings are adjustable, allowing for wheel alignment rectification and optimization using offset and adjustable bushings and arms. To save time and effort, Whiteline also offers replacement suspension arms fitted with their market-leading synthetic elastomer bushings and premium quality ball joints. This reduces the time needed for DIY repairs by up to 70% and increases job turnover and profit for fitters/workshops.

Whiteline tests their bushings to destruction and offers a lifetime warranty (conditions apply) on all bushing kits, ensuring superior elasticity, memory, and durability for all driving applications. By combining key selected Whiteline bushings with their sway bar, alignment, and bracing products, drivers can achieve the ultimate street performance package.